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Solar energy is gaining in popularity, with more people asking questions about converting to home solar. The potential of solar energy is nothing short of astounding. In Arizona we have more than 300 days of brilliant sunshine every year.

Home solar is clean, green, and free, once the initial installation is complete. Home solar is almost entirely maintenance free. Home solar energy in Arizona can be a very effective means of saving on energy costs.

Passive solar uses building and site elements and natural processes to accomplish a given task with no, or minimal, mechanical and electrical equipment. Active solar utilizes mechanical and electrical equipment.

In the years ahead, we can expect to see increased use of home solar energy in Arizona and throughout the nation. Do we have enough sunlight? It is said that a 100-square-mile piece of desert near Tucson, if covered with solar panels, could generate enough electrical power to meet the needs of the entire U.S.

Home Solar Energy in Arizona makes sense.

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